African Wedding Dresses 2013


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African wedding dresses designs are known to be vibrant and visually captivating and this wedding portrayed just that in the décor, the colours of the day, and the attire.

Have a look at what made this African themed wedding truly different.

Most brides wear an all white wedding gown but this bride felt the need to add some glam and make her gown unique by including details and designs that represent her African roots. Doesn’t she look fantastic?. 

The brides dress and accessories had an African touch and so it was that she decided to do her hair in beautiful braids held up using some white beads. Guess it’s true what they say; your hair is your crown and glory.

We absolutely love the bride’s orange chunky beaded necklace and earrings which blend well with the orange fabric in the dress.

When you think African, you think wildlife and beautiful landscape and so it was that the design on the cake was an outline of wildlife and landscape.

When it comes to their attire the entire bridal party was dressed to the nines. 

The ladies wore beautiful African designs in orange and black while the men also worked the ethnic look. Now that what we call style!

 When the couple poses together that is when you really see how well their outfits blend together. Pieces of the same orange fabric were included in both their outfits. How cute!

Looking at the photos it is clear that this couple successfully created a vibrant African theme that extended from the decor to their attire.